Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Orthodox Cathedral Helsinki

From the religious point of view, Finland is a country truly special. This is because, unlike many other states, has two official religions: Lutheran and Orthodox religion.
Most Christians in Finland are Lutheran, orthodoxy holding only 1% of the believers. But this does not mean that Finns have not liturgies very beautiful, powerful and poetic or Orthodox churches truly majestic.
Ouspensky Cathedral is just one example. Ouspensky? Yes, the Slavic word "Uspenie" which means sleep.
Day of the Assumption church, feast celebrated on August 15.
Ouspensky Cathedral is built of red brick and has gilded cupolas. Dome "onion dome" flame symbolizes the Holy Spirit, who descended into the church founded by the Apostles on the day of Pentecost. Number domes reminiscent of Christ and 12 disciples.
Building Ouspensky Cathedral took more than a decade. It was completed in the late nineteenth century.
The exterior design of the cathedral derives from the old Russian style (the style of Russian churches of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries: narrow, high, resembling trees, in order to be sighted in the wilderness ... seem simply to be what facilitates navigation lights sea ... seem to be lights to guide them as people on the road) ...

If we see the details of the church, we see very clearly expressed Byzantine influence: massive pillars, carved in black granite, are located near exterior walls and ornate vaults supporting the orthodox models of Eastern Europe.
Ouspensky Cathedral is built so that the altar is in the East, because East symbolize Paradise, Heaven, Sun, state of purity, light ... East is the direction that it was Christ when he ascended to heaven, promising His second coming (Greek: parousia).
Like any Orthodox church has three parts: the altar, nave, narthex. Chancel and nave are separated by the iconostasis (altar screen, temple) adorned with three rows of icons. The shrine can enter through one of three doors, but attention! the Royal Gates are allowed to pass only the bishops, priests, deacons.
The cathedral are very beautiful painted icons, characteristic of Orthodox churches, which depicts Christ, Mary, the saints, but not without high walls or scenes inspired Scripture.
Among the icons of this church include: Icon of St. Alexander Nevsky, the icon of St. Vladimir the Great, Sun Kiev, Archangels Michael and Gabriel icon, icons of Christ, the Holy Trinity, the Virgin Mary, saints, etc…
Ouspensky Cathedral is a triumphal arch of spirit, but also proof that beauty can be discovered and Orthodox Churches in Western Europe for a city ...

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